Day 4 – Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

I promised myself I would be honest with all of these questions.. so here goes

1. I wish I looked more like her/that/them

2. Am I good enough? Do “they” honestly love me/like me? Am I sure? What if they don’t? Am I enough? Will I ever be enough?

3. GODDAMN I LOOK LIKE A MAN! *sigh* ( I have always felt I have a really masculine visage. It depresses me sometimes)

4. Where IS he? I swear I JUST talked to him a minute ago….

5. I miss you so much. Why’d you have to go and get sick? Please come back.

6. I’m hungry – interchangeable with – I’m tired.

7. Will I ever be better? Is there some sort of magical concoction that I need to find in order to get to where I need to be? Why is this so hard?

8. I want babies. I want to be a mommy. Please gods let me become a mommy. Just once. Just one time I would like to be able to run through the entire gambit of conception to age 49.5 of having a child (and even farther). Its not asking for much is it? The chance to have one child? People do it all the time why can’t I? Please?

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