Day 5./6 – 6 Things you wish you’d never done and 5 people who matter a lot (in no order whatsoever)

Doing 5 and 6 today as I was out last night and didn’t do it during the day.

Writing about six things that I wish I had never done is hard. There aren’t many things that I regret. As a rule I try not to regret the choices I make as : 1. I made the fucking choice and 2. Each decision has made me who I am today. And I think I am ok with that.

Here are six things that (a -la @Eden_Apocalypse) once chosen helped form me into the person I am today.

1. Becoming friends with one D.S.W. If she hadn’t volunteered to show me around the school that fateful day in Mrs.Zigglar’s class – I don’t know where I would be. Certainly a crap load of experiences lighter and a whole lot less well earned common sense.

2. Asking for help. If I hadn’t done that.. I seriously doubt I would be here.

3. Bean. Getting our parents to date was brilliant and faulty. But for better or worse our lives were entwined for 10 or so years.

4. Immaculata. The best decision mom and I could have made for my sanity and my academic life. My saving grace in a time of great turmoil and uncertainty.

5. Nickel. 7 beautiful years full of companionship, comfort and unconditional love. Probably one of the best choices I have ever made.

6. Applying to BCIT. If I hadn’t gone out of my comfort zone to try and follow my dreams, not one bit of who I am now would be valid. I would probably still be living at home and not have experienced near as much heartache or half as much joy. None of my friends now would have ever known I existed and I would not be finally moving towards where I need to be. (I am not saying I wouldn’t be at that place already, just that I am finally headed in the right direction)

Day 6 – Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)

3. Mom/Dad
4. Colin /Dexter
5. JAP

(So I cheated a bit. Sue me.)

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