Day 3 – 8 ways to win your heart

1. Tell me how much I matter to you and how much you enjoy my company.

2. The little things are important. A touch, a smile – having you reach over and take my hand like it is natural. Pet names are good too. Being called something special that you don’t mind others overhearing.

3. Be good with kids. There is something that just melts me to pieces when I see someone playing with kids – especially if they are not their own and they don’t have any. The innocence that comes forth from playtime with a child is priceless. Also I think it is some sorta mothering instinct.

4. Be considerate of others. Not just those you know, but the little old lady struggling to load her groceries into her car. The person on the bus who has a disability and only wants to share with you the wonder of their world. The child that has looked up and cannot find a parent – panicking and crying in fear. Even just noticing that these people exist is a big thing.

5. Be able to laugh at yourself and at situations outside of your control. Being able to find humour in what would otherwise be frustrating or stressful is important.

6. Be supportive of me. If I am having a bad day – take notice. Don’t take my crap but acknowledge that I am there and that you see me. If I am sad – offer to hug me or just listen to me vent. Let me know that even on days when I don’t want to talk you are still there for me.

7. Have the ability to act care-free. I will admit that I enjoy what others might call childish… but the pleasure I get from doing things – colouring, going to the zoo, watching a kids movie – is something that can be shared. Just because we grew up doesn’t mean we have to be old.

8. Be honest. Be honest about yourself, your feelings (or lack of them) and be honest about me. Don’t be afraid to pull me aside and let me know that you have something to share.

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