I figured I would put this somewhere so that people who didn’t actually want to read my blog – could come here and figure that out.

I am a 26 year old female, living in Saskatchewan Canada.

I have trouble communicating and organizing my feelings so more often then not – I end up ranting here (though most post end up deleted or in my drafts).

I have Borderline Dependent Personality Disorder, Bipolar , and Generalized Anxiaty Disorder. I will probably never be “fixed” or “normal”. I am hoping that my life won’t always be the shits though. So basically my personality changes on a dime, I get highs and lows and randomly get so terrified over normal every day things that I can’t breathe.

I am going to try, really hard, to also blog about the happy and the good. Hopefully doing so will help keep my mind in a positive place.

If you don’t like my blog – please feel free to leave. In fact – go check out http://www.thebloggess.com . Good shit that. Very funny.



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