A post from the draft pile. 2 years old now.

I have this friend. An amazingly wonderful male friend. He has been a very big supporter in all my emotional/physical endeavors.

I adore this man so much! Such a wonderful friend, and though he himself has been having some interesting times lately – he is always there to chat.

We were discussing things today about how times change, and about how much he loves cuddling his wife. He told me this about “megacuddles”

“There’s this smell? Right the back of her neck… and it makes time stop and angels and unicorns orgasm at the edge of my vision. Really.. it will be worth it.” -( said in response to them being together all the time again now that there is less work commitments.)

That right there? That saying? That expression of romantic feeling and contentment? That is what it is all about.

I am going to go and wrap myself up in the warm fuzzy feeling that one tidbit of information invoked in me.


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