in case anyone cares….

I am having a fucking hell of a time the past few days.


I fucking hate all of it. The dog. The Cat. The Mess. Getting out of Bed. Getting in Bed. I am in another fucking Black Hole of Fucking Suck and I don’t know where to go.



i ruined my favourite dress. My house is a mess. I burnt my muffins. My dog peed on my jacket – so I washed it – and now all the buttons are falling off and I can’t find my fucking sewing shit anywhere and this has turned into a really fucking long run on sentence.



Oh. And apparently I suck at punctuation today too. Plus spelling, as I just literally typed “doo” instead of “too”. Though I am currently unsure if I used the right form of the word “Too/To/Two”

English is stupid. It has all these rules that I cannot be bothered to remember at midnight on a Tuesday when I have to be up in like, 7 hours. Yeah yeah, not too early right? But those of us in a Black Hole of Fucking Suck (from now on referred to BHoFS) don’t get to have awesome sleeps, and are NOT able to wake up when they should. Apparently they cannot be bothered to shower for three days in a row either.


PLUS I am going out in public tomorrow. To a fucking GYM. Or so I have been told I am supposed to.



GAH. I hate you ALL.

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