I am broken. But I am not alone.

I was reading back entries from TheBloggess and I came across a post that connected with me. The post and all the comments really – just moved me.

This is my response.

I love this post. I am glad that I found it. I struggle daily with the idea that there are those, those very close to me who would not accept me if they knew the truth. The truth about my mental illness. The truth about my sexuality. The truth about the alternative way I view my life.

There are those who would be upset if they knew how hard I struggled. How upset they would be if they knew how much I lied to the world just to get by.

I really appreciate this post Jenny, and many that you make. I feel like I have found in you – a mysterious and wonderful connection. If only one way.

I am broken. But I am not alone. This will be my new creed.

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