FFG 2012–Hook Pull / Energy Pull–Do not look if you have a large ACK response.

In August 2012 – I participated in a 4 day Shamanic style retreat. The event – though there were some kinky aspects – was not about that at all.

There was a whip cracking class. A classes and discussions by someone with a Master’s degree in Sexology – and positive sexual expression. I attended all the classes – though not all were pertinent to me –I gained a lot of valuable information to have.

I was helping out with the only vender’s tent. Which was something else all together.

Yes – there were couples. Yes – some of the couples I am positive had sex while at the retreat. Yes – there were naked bodies and a general acceptance of all persons.


Every person who attended this weekend – gained their own special experience. I doubt a single person observed the same thing, or felt the same emotions. No one hid. No one judged. It was a weekend where one could gather problems, feelings and negative influences, and release them. I am sure some people did not have the same overwhelming experience I did. I am sure there are people who experienced more, revelled in more, gained a more spiritual awakening. These are my thoughts on my participation of the rituals that occurred during the weekend.

I can recall most of the physical sequence of events that occurred. I may be able to give some insights. Possibly not. This post will probably be broken. Just thoughts as they flow.

The Fire Walk – Wikipedia definition


For me – It was a test of inner strength. A way of letting go of the physical and trying to focus on the spiritual. I have a hard time explaining the experience. It was so many things at once, yet such an emptying feeling. Words cannot describe.


The Hook Pull- About Flesh Hooks – By ElwoodEnergy Pull explanation by Fakir Musafar – the undisputed father of the Modern Primitives movement


This – Even this is hard to explain. The release of energy during the Third Eye Piercing. The immediate euphoria from the hooks being placed. The sting of the juice from the limes. A symbol of “suffering” I am willing to endure for further enlightenment.

That first pull. The one not from pulling on the hooks, but from the downward force of gravity on the string.

After I was pierced, had the strings attached, and the carabineer hung from it – I just stood there. Smiling like a buffoon – swinging the weight of the large rock climbing carabineer back and forth. Enjoying the pulling sensation and the slight burn from the limes when I moved.

Soon this was not enough. The endorphins were flowing – but I was still in the here and now.

I attached myself to a loop of rope. This rope was tied to a longer rope that ran between two posts of the suspension frame. There were 3 loops total attached to the main rope. Each loop – a spot for a different person. When more then one person was attached – the tension on the main rope changed. Each person’s movements affecting the feeling of the other’s pull.

At first I was alone – Then another came and joined me at my side. Each movement magnified.

I started to dance. The music – steady, rhythmic, primal. Each beat, in time with my pulse. Each one had me swaying from side to side in a dance that felt as old as time. The peace. The joy. The contentment. The emotional cleanse. Emotions I have no name for. All of these I experienced.

Time had to meaning. I could have been there for seconds, hours or days. I was lost in the ritual. Conscious self a slave to the rhythm of the drums, the pounding of my pulse.

Soon I felt nothing but happiness, glee, and joy. Nothing hurt. I had no worries about what had come before or what was to come after. My depression, anxiety, emotional turmoil – meaningless. My mind could no longer process that which was unimportant. I was in the now. The bliss. The enlightenment.

Another came. One I could share the big rope with. Exchange energy with. We both couldn’t stop laughing.

Then came the rope drummers. People who were a part of my experience, yet not. The one who pierced me and partner.

Using sticks they started hitting the rope. Vibrations flowed downward through the string and into my body. The experience is like nothing I have ever felt before. Magnificent. Awe inspiring. Magical.

The laughter was never ending. In fact I laughed so hard I snorted.

One of them attached their rigging harness (like for rock climbing) to the centre loop. Starting to jump, swing and beat the sticks against the rope in earnest. The laughter flowing freely. The emotions – mysterious. My life – altered.


I do not regret one moment of this experience. The pain of the needles disappears if it was even there at all. The physical body – a conduit to the soul.


I was told at the beginning of the weekend – If you were never again presented with the opportunity to experience an event like this – would you regret it if you didn’t? I would have. Regretted it until the day I died.


I am a better person for having attended this weekend of Body Based Ritual and Shamanic Discovery.






Centering myself


It begins


Watching another


Watching another person’s experience


The emotional release starts


Look mom! Stretchy!








Joy begins








Pure – Unadulterated Joy.






Happy peace

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Piimanyx
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 09:01:05

    [Quick] Love Comment Blog ♥ (3) (1/3) Piimanyx

    It was a thing that I saw in a horror film ( a personn suspended in the air with rings attached to his back even) and I found this horrible.. I recent the pain just seeing this picture >_< !
    I don't like it 😦 !


  2. lindsey
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 14:11:24

    I love reading your description of the emotional and psychological experience of this. I’m fascinated by that which I don’t understand, and although it was a little difficult to look at the photos at first, I think having a better understanding of what the experience is like beyond the pierced flesh helped me to appreciate it. I’m curious…does it take long for the holes to heal on your chest and third eye area? What is it about the pulling that elicits such an intense emotional response? I suppose I could research, but I’d rather you just tell me 🙂


    • alwayschangeling
      Sep 06, 2012 @ 18:26:33

      The healing all depends on the person. The third eye one is very shallow, so it doesn’t mark at all. The chest does heal – but if you are like me.. and pick at it.. it makes pretty scars!

      The emotional response is due to the release of endorphins. The endorphins are caused by the small…minute pain made repeatedly.Oddly enough they are the same chemical response that one gets with a “runner’s high” and sex 😀


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