Sooo – since I seem to have Lawsbian friends who are convinced to show me up….

I am going to try and do what Lindz is going to do… 

That means… a daily blog post. Hopefully of things that are a little lighter? I got told I was too… bleak/grumpy/bitchy/whiny on here. Go figure. Me. Being emotionally honest on MY FUCKING BLOG. 



Monday… um.. lemme check – 

Mazel Tov Monday – for throwing the focus on someone else…another blog, another writer, someone I feel like pointing the good job stick at.

Travel Tuesday – for travel related posts.

Wordless Wednesday – an idea borrowed from The Bloggess, for photos or doodles meant to inspire or confuse. (Even if you’ve had a blog for a while, like me, this video is still super helpful.)

Thankful Thursday – because gratitude doesn’t always come naturally.

Whatever I Feel Like Friday 

Secret Saturday – for telling you secrets just to make you feel special for popping by 🙂

Sunday (sorry, no fun alliterational title) – lessons learned during the week, because it should never stop, right?

Anyone else think this is a effort in frutility? Is that a word? Spell check says not. Huh. And now I cannot change the word to the right way because then? This ENTIRE paragraph would not make any sense. 


Anyways. I am also going to try and be a bit funnier. AND since I think that being funnier would make the world stop – and probably isn’t humanly possible…. I will put a password on my rantings. So only those who want to care can read them. Or something. I will probably forget. Err… What?


Has anyone seen the show Reaper? Fucking funny. Watched it when it came out… and now again on Netflix. Also – Better off Ted. Funny. 😀

Also? I have to pee. 

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lindsey
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 14:00:30

    Yay!!! Maybe we can start a daily blog movement or something. I’ll be checking yours for sure. Is your whole blog password protected or just certain posts?

    Good luck! I start Monday…eek.

    PS – Regarding your ‘frutility’ comment…do you mean that this will be a fruitful experience? Or did you mean futile?


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