A different direction

I have come to the realization that I want to take this blog in a little bit of a different direction. 

I am still going to post things that enter my mind. Things that I battle on a daily basis. My mental illnesses and all that entails. I also want to connect it with other aspects of my life. Ideas.  Things that I have found really useful when dealing with my mental health issues. Ways to potentially give others those same useful tools. 

I want to help fight the stigmas. I want to share my musings and ramblings in such a way as to make sense. 

I want to further myself, my life, and … I guess my blog 🙂

So my blog will continue how it has. Hopefully I will be posting a whole lot more. I will strive to. It will now have added aspects.  

I debated starting a topic specific blog. But that topic, could not be valid without the bigger picture. The entirety of the experience.  

The more personal/private posts will be locked. Those with the password will be still able to see them. They are part of me – but not current to who I am, and what I want to do. 


Guys. I think I just became a “writer”.

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