Princess with the peg leg (or how I came to break my leg getting on a horse)

Dez lives about 1.5 hours from my moms house. She is my longest relationship outside of family. We met in March when we were in grade 2. I had just moved into the area and it was my first day. No one else would show me around. … *Eventual story to come*… we have been best friends ever since.

It was…wow… can it be 20 years? Grade 2…. I started kindergarten at age 5. Grade one was 6 years old. Grade two – I would have been seven until the end of May. We met in March. I am turning 27 end of this month… that is 19…not quite 20 full years of friendship. BUT HOLY FUCKING COW BATMAN!

I have just decided the next bit has to be its own post because, well.. it’s my fucking blog. So suck it.


So – that is where the last post left off.

Dez happens to live on a chicken farm. Not her chicken farm.. just one she lives on. She rents out part of the shop with her boyfriend. They have semi converted the shop space into living space. The other part of the shop is rented by another man. No actual connection to Dez.

K – also lives on this chicken farm. She is another one of Dez’s best friends. She rents the carriage house on the property.

An older couple rent the main house. Again – no corrolation between Dez and them.

So: recap. Dez +1 living in part of a converted shop space.Person renting out other part of the shop. K +1 Living in the carriage house. Elder couple renting main house.  2 large chicken barns, a regular barn, 8 horses.

The animals are as follows –
Dez: 2 dogs (woo and dangerface). 3 cats. (r, f, j), Horses( The Duke, Luna, Splash)
Dez + Ryan : 3 cats (s,v,c)
Ryan : Horse (Nikki)
K : 2 cats (e,r + 3 kittens) , Horses (m, l)
Ryan+K: Horse – D
Dez + K: Stallion

Anyways.. there is a manangerie of animals there.

I was visiting, had gone to see them starting on the 7th. We were going to look into housing options in the area for me, I was going to spend some time with the horse, do some help gardening – etc.

Everything was going great. I had been there for almost a week (Longer then I first intended.. but still good). Dez had been working long hours at her three jobs, K was away, and Ryan was also working. That left me free to roam on the farm.

I spent hours and hours with the horses. Brushing them, Deshedding them. Having long- thought provoking- conversations with them. Basically they were my main contentment while being there.

When K came back home, it was talked about me learning from the bottom  up,  how to ride. I had done some trail riding before… but didn’t actually KNOW how to ride. This was a big thing, not only because I was super excited to get to ride, but because K and I had a bit of a funny sorta relationshipish  thing going on.

Anyways- The morning came. K had actually taken off her air cast. She had broken her foot 6 or so weeks before and was just able to start taking her boot off. We haltered a horse and went to the side pasture to start. First things first, being of course, to get up on the horse without a saddle and to ride bareback. To feel how the horse moves and acustom yourself the rhythm of the horse. Seemed all fine and dandy to me:)

I got up on the stump, K led the horse over to me… and I attempted my graceful mount. I promptly fell backwards and landed on my butt in the mud and horse shit. Nt to be deterred, and with promises that most people fall… I went to attempt again. Now, there just so happens to be a way you have to jump onto the horse, to be able to balance and swing your legs over. I don’t have balance at the best of times.

I made another attempt at jumping… and fell back down onto my feet. My leg promptly snapped. It was a loud sound. Very gross. I fell to the ground in the mud and shit, hugging my leg and screaming that I had just broken it.

I managed to do quite a number on it. Broke the tibia. Fractured the fibula. Dislocated my fibula from my ankle and my ankle from the rest of my foot. A total number. I ended up getting surgery. I have a 6 inch plate in my leg and nine screws. So far I have been in hospital bed since April 13, It is now May 1st. I will still not be able to put weight on it for another 4 weeks. THEN the real physio starts. Luckily for me.. I will be living at the rehab centre. Awesome huh?

And that is the story of how I broke my leg. I am the only girl I know of, or have heard of – who broke her foot horse back riding…. before even getting on a horse. WIthout even getting to ride even ONCE. C’est ma vieImage

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