Horrible thing to wake up too

Excluding all the other stuff that is going on right now.. I got an upsetting phone call from my mom this morning.

She called to say that she had blood taken to check for cancer markers. She has a mass on her pancreas.

How is that good morning news?

Anyways.. I’ve been doing my Google research…and pancreatic cancer is horrible. Life span in 95% of cases is less then 5 years. WTF INTERNET! Also only half the people who might be able to have the removal surgery (part of the stomach,  intestines, pancreas,  gall bladder,  appendix and ducts are removed.) Of those who qualify…. only 20% of them live to five years. The rest pass in about 2.

Know what else?  It has almost no early warning signal aol by the time they are testing you it could be stage three or four. You could literally only have months left.

She will totally be in the clear though. The mass they found on her pancreas ws just a smudge on the camera. Or its benign. Possibly just a stray piece of gum she swallowed 5 years ago finally wanting to be digested.

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