Motherfucking puppies on a plane!!!


Leaving for Toronto today. At the god awful time of 6am. I had to be here at 4. That’s AM people. In the morning. Guess when I finished packing? That’s right. Midnight. Because I’m badness like that. And I was out of town until 7pm.

So. First.

Meeting last night with Jamie. Went better then expected?  I only cried a little bit. And didn’t scream or yellbat all. Though I did through a few French fries. And maybe groveled a little. What can I say. I still love him. I am not sure how it will all turn out honestly. But I did tell him I had recorded him threatening suicide one time I wouldn’t hesitate to call the cops and report him for being a suicide risk. I also would call his mother. He then called me a bitch. So I think he took that seriously.

So. That took the better partook an hour.

I went to bed at around…. never. How are you supposed to sleep that close to when you need to be there so fucking early.

Get to the airport. Have the dog. He is going with me on the plane. I know. I must be crazy. Every one is Gushing over him. He of course is shaking like a leaf. In a tornado. On speed.

So. Get through security and the interaction happens like this :

Security person : Do you need help?

Me: I don’t think so. He only weighs 6 pounds. And my purse is pretty purse like.
Her : I meant with putting your dog in the kennel.

Me: Now?

Her :  Yes

Me: I don’t think so….

I then proceed to sit on the floor,  holding my dog and trying to make him get I  this newfangled soft sided kennel. It went like this….

Me: Time to get in the crate.

Asher : Fuck you.

Me: Common. It’s only for a few hours. Well. Three and a half. Ish. If we are lucky.

Asher : Fuck. You.

Me: The nice lady says you have to.

Asher : Fuck her too then.

Me : Get in the motherfucking bag aol we can gte on the motherfucking plane.

Asher: Yup can’t make me!

Massive struggles ensued.

I finally grabbed all his legs,  flipped him on his back and shoved him in facw first.

Me: HA!  I win asshole!!!!


He didn’t make any noise thwarted rest of the waiting period. He only flopped around a bit in his crate as we took off.

Then he let his anal glands release a bit.

Well played soggy. Well played.

And that’s why I can’t travel anywhere.


sunrise over Saskatoon.

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