Tuesday is travel day !

So. Tuesday are supposed to be about travel. Anything and everything about travel.


I actually HAVE traVel news. On the 18th I am flying from Saskatoon to Toronto.

Why you ask ? I didn’t know you cared !

I am headed to visit family. My fathers entire aide of my family live there. Ans the majority of my mother’s.

Honestly the only close( read direct) family on my mothers side is my mom, oma and brother. My mom has a few cousins and uncles that live in bc and Alberta… but I barely know them.

In Ontario I have my other brother , father, about 19 cousins and when a bunch of their kids. Plus aunts and uncles , grandparents and other ransom relatives and you have the entire population of Southern Ontario. Swear to god.

Anyways the main excuse door going to visit is one of my cousins is doing the isle walks. Not  the death walk like in the Atwater. The other life as you know it ending experience. Marriage.

My cousins and jigs bride have been chosenbe on 4 weddings Canada.  Which is a reality show. Where four brides go to each others weddings and judge the food , dress ,  venue , and experience. The bride that has the most points at the end gets a free all expense paid trip somewhere. No one knows where until the winner opens her envelope.

So yeah. Now that I have given an unsponsered pump to the show…

While there I also plan on visiting Toronto, seeing family and hanging our with my brother. He is epicly awesome.

I’m going to be going for two whole weeks. And I’m taking my dog with me.

But I will save observations on how that will work out for next week.



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