Rabbit spork army

Recently I was a part of a comment love blog post thing. It was through Swap Bot The point of the swap  was to submit your blog and another person would read and comment in a positive way. Well as positive as one could be while commenting on my blog.

I got paired with a lovely lady whom I believe was from the Netherlands. Her blog was in two languages . Well what I take to be her native tounge and an english translation.

Her blog talks about a project she finally got around to finishing. Bunny. Puppets. I was naturally pretty stoked with the idea and commented that she should make a pattern so that other people could also make bunnies.

Of course, because my idea was so fucking awesome she responded that maybe she would make a pattern for it. My thought process degrades from there….

Oh yes! Bunny patern!

I could make a whole bunch of them.

A virtual bunny army.

I could arm them with sporks.

A terrorizing spork wielding bunny army to help me take over the world!


At this point I started to get weird looks from the people I was staying with. Not only was my nefarious plan no longer top secret because I
just planed it outloud… but my attempt at doing an evil cackle totally set the dogs barking.

But that has to be one of my best evil takeover plans to date. Totally.

No sponsors were offended or offered for this post.

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