It’s been a while…

UGG! Now that I wrote that title I have Nickelback in my head. Sorry everyone who similarly gets mind-fucked with my title. I feel horrible bout it.


So – my life. Has been up in the air. Fighting with J. Almost breaking up with J. Upping meds. Changing living space around (stressful) Dealing with the damn dog having to pee every goddamn minute. Realizing that it is indeed summertime – and yes – I have gained enough weight with the new meds that I do not fit the majority of my summer clothes from last year. Hell I don’t fit a majority of my clothes from any season.


I am waiting to see if I got accepted into the SAID program. That is the Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disabilities. It basically means that they will (more) officially recognize my GAD and BPD and Bipolar as being lifelong, as well as it effecting my day to day life on a pretty regular basis. It means more money per month, more supports, more help.

It also means J will be madder then ever because it will be a sign to him that this is a permenant situation and I probably won’t be going back to work any time soon.


I forgot what I wanted to write about.  One of the major side effects of the medication I am on now is that I am very forgetful. I forget words that I am looking for, I find my spelling has gone downhill (mostly because i will get part way through writing a word and then forget how to spell it. Like completely. Took me 15 minutes and google to figure out how to spell that yesterday.). I also get confused easily. Which of course makes it easier for people to take advantage of me. Scary shit that.

Ive also been manic  and only sleeping like 3-4 hours a night. Awesome huh?


Anyways. Now I’m pissed off and frustrated I cannot remember what I was going to write about. I think it was about poop. And tennis balls. Ill hopefully remember tomorrow.

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