Day 9 – Two images that describe your life right now, and why.

Day 9 – Two images that describe your life right now, and why.

Image 1 – A girl, trapped in a black cage. Cold and alone. The demons that surround her laugh, mock, and taunt. She huddles in the furthest corner, whispering to herself that it will all be ok. Desperate to believe that she can survive, that she can get free. Knowing that no one knows she is there…

Image 2 – A beautiful woman. Dressed in white flowing clothing. A sword at her hip. She sits astride a magnificent white stallion, whose hooves glow with light. They stand, tall and straight at the entrance to the abyss, gathering courage. Just a speck of light, facing a vast blanket of darkness. A darkness that has no end in sight. She raises up her sword,screaming out an echoing battle-call as they charge into the oppressing dark.

I am both the girl, and the woman. The demons and the steed. The dark and the light. Ever in constant battle.

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