fuckity fuck fuck

I am moving today. But I am so fucking stressed out that I keep running into the other room from wherever I was just working to hide.

The dog? Totally scared, stressed and doesnt know what is going on. The cat? Knows what is going on and is totally pissed about it. The human? Knows what is going on, is scared, stressed, pissed off and panicking because the human wont get everything done.

So what am I doing on here? I needed to vent. If only for a moment. It is always way harder then I remember to move. And i have moved a lot. I hate it. I used to love moving, loved the adventure, the new environment, the changes… now all I can think of is HOLY FUCK WHY THE FUCK AM I PUTTING MYSELF THROUGH THIS AGAIN!

I am making myself a pact. If possible I will not be moving unless I can find a house to buy or a place where I can have permenant roots. I hate the moving. The uncertainty. The stress. I just don’t think I can handle it anymore.


BTW I sound like I am 50 not half that age. fuck.


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  1. Britt
    Mar 21, 2012 @ 11:52:48

    UUUUUGh. Moving is totally stressful.
    I’m moving out of a three story walk-up in June and I’m dreading it… A LOT. I feel like I should start packing right now.
    I hope you didn’t lose too much hair/sleep/ skin from the cat scratches.


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