Did I mention I hate being sick?


I am sooo sick. So icky and temperature is high. I hate my self for that. Gah.

Of course I have control of my body. And the fact I have a temperature. Right? *rolls eyes* I make so much sense when I am sick. And the demands I put on myself are ridiculous.

I have this urge to write my story. My little bitty bit of life story. The one where I do stupid things like flushing debit cards. Naming a cat Toast. Climbing a tree and getting stuck so that someone has to come rescue me. I am totally going to write all these down. Totally. Gonna start a sisterblog titled “My Not So Average Life” or “The life of the average delinquent” haha.

Anyways. I need to take a cab home. I am feeling like crap on a cracker. LOL.

I want an Xbox. With the Kinect. So I can get healthier. (right…)


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