Had to take the cat to the vet today… I got home from the doctor, to have her hissing at me, and attacking me, and generally being horrible. Totally scared the crap out of me. Thought that she might have been hurt or something bad like that.

Turns out she is fine… just stressed, and the other cats could be being very territorial towards her. Not good, but better then being hurt or sick.


When i got home from work last night… my legs were beat red, and hot to touch. Very blotchy too. Freaked me right the fuck out. See… I had been put on an antibiotic the day before, and I felt this might have been an allergic reaction to it.

Turns out I am right. Woke up this morning, sick to my stomach, with a headache, and the leg rash had spread. Went to the doctor – took one look at me and said, yup, you have an allergic reaction to penicillin! Guess we have to take you off those meds, and closely monitor you with any penicillin based drugs in the future! *rolls eyes* Great. Just what I need. Another allergy. I am already allergic to red/green/hot peppers, and have had 4 anaphylactic reactions in the past year. FOUR. that’s a shit load of expensive stuff there! (100 per epipen, plus ambulance bills) – not so fun.

So got home, intending to take some more Benadryl and go to bed, but my roomie was home. Her ex’s father just passed away. She was very upset, and needed to talk to someone. She wasn’t sure if she should go to the prayers/funeral, as they were broken up, but I told her she should. They were together for a while, and in a VERY serious relationship. I told her that she shouldn’t go to make a scene, or anything, but because the father, ex, mother, etc were an important part of her life less than 6 months ago, and that if she wanted to go to show support for the family, and offer her condolences, that seemed fine to me. I know that I probably would. I would probably want to know if anything happened to my ex, or any of his family. Yes we are not together, and it has been almost a year since we split… but we were together for 4 years. They were my family too. We lived together, worked together, traveled together. I am still hoping that one day, the hurt will be  dull enough that we can all communicate. I would want to be there, to honour the memories of the good times we all shared, and the enjoyment we had over the 4 years.

It makes me think… maybe I miss our friendship. Not necessarily the relationship part, but the fact that we were each others best friends for 4 years. We knew each other’s hopes, dreams, fears… we held each other as we cried, laughed with each other till the tears streamed down our face, and spent many a night gaming until the sun came back up. There is some of that camaraderie that I miss.

Enough sad stuff. I am going to get skinny/healthy soon. I am super stoked. G is back in my life, and it is amazing that I lasted so long without His wit, sarcasm and blunt honesty. That He is awesome helps as well. 😀 He says he will give me some advice, etc on that front, so I am super stoked.

And yeah… I think that is it? If I remember more, or have another thought I will get back to you 😛


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